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We are accountants specialising in providing personalised service to people working as contractors or freelance consultants. Our clients include engineers, health workers, architects, financial consultants, designers, facilities management specialists, security consultants, surveyors, IT consultants, electrical contractors, general builder contractors, fitness consultants and independent financial advisors.

Mabers online accountancy services enable contractors to concentrate on their money earning work, confident that all regulatory and tax matters are being reliably dealt with whilst being able to continually monitor and be in control of the financial position of their company.

For contractors and freelance consultants, as long as the contract does not get caught in the “IR35 trap”, the most beneficial way to operate is through a limited company. This does however impose a burden of PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax, and Companies House compliance and administration.

Mabers will attend to all these matters within the prescribed time deadlines – very important in these times of an increasing HMRC penalty regime. This enables the contractor to concentrate on the contract itself, comfortable in the knowledge that the administration matters are being reliably dealt with.

The Mabers online services also provide weekly or monthly (depending on personal requirements) personalized reports clearly showing the profits earned todate, and identifying the funds available to be withdrawn from the company having provided for all the taxes accruing. Not only do we send these reports to our clients, but all these, together with PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax and Income Tax returns are filed in the client’s personal area (password protected) within the “Client Zone” in this website – thereby ensuring 24-7 access to records.