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Mabers provide a full range of accountancy services which can be specifically tailored to meet your requirements and needs.

There is no standard "all inclusive" list at one price which means you sign on the same as everyone else and pay the same fee irrespective of whether you need all those services. You can refer to our costing matrix which enables you to identify what services you need and at what frequency (eg weekly wages and accounts or monthly) and build up your own individual package with its own transparent cost.

The package is also flexible, and can be altered at any time. Thus if you have a period between contracts when you are not working, you can go on a "dormant" basis, and revert to a fuller service when the new contract starts.

The building block of our accounting services is a weekly transaction sheet designed specifically to meet your requirements. You then send this to us, through this website or by e-mail whichever you prefer, and we then update your records and provide you with updated accounts.

The services listed are not exhaustive, and if you wish to discuss any other matters, please contact us.

List of Services

  • Company formation
  • Annual Return submission to Companies House
  • Maintenance of accounting records based on personally designed weekly transaction sheet
  • VAT registration and preparation and submission online of VAT returns
  • PAYE registration, payroll maintenance and preparation of year end returns and documentation and online submission
  • Dividend calculation and documentation
  • Provision of weekly or monthly accounts
  • Preparation of annual accounts in statutory formats
  • Submission of annual accounts to Companies House
  • Submission of annual accounts to HMRC together with Corporation Tax Return and Computation
  • Self assessment income tax return preparation and online submission