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We are different.

We are an accountancy practice offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs of small owner managed businesses, details of which are explained in more detail on the relevant pages.

But what makes Mabers different from most other accountancy firms is our commitment to provide our clients with proactive planning rather than reactive responses.

Using the tools of recommended cloud based accounting software, or specifically designed accounting report systems, we have access to clients records and provide monthly reports on financial position and accumulated profits as well as providing for all taxes accruing thereon. Our clients can then make key management decisions, such as how much money to withdraw from the business ensuring that sufficient funds are left in the business to meet all liabilities whenever they fall due.

The principles upon which the practice is built are expertise, experience, and the provision of a personal service focussed on the needs of each client.

The owner and principal in the practice is Tony Maber.


I have been an accountant working within the profession for over 30 years, and have worked in large top 20 sized practices, medium sized practices, and have been an equity partner in a small firm of Chartered Accountants.


For the majority of this time I have specialised in acting for the owner managed businesses, providing support and guidance in bookkeeping and accountancy, taxation, and business management and planning.

Personal Services

The person responsible for all the work carried out on your behalf will be myself. When you contact my office, it will be me who will deal with all your requirements. There will be no client care teams answering telephone calls who cannot understand or resolve your query.

Cloud Accounting – the future - now.

  • Businesses can now access software which has been designed to make the record keeping as easy as possible.
  • The software stores the records and data securely on remote servers without using the business’s storage space.
  • Business management/owners have access to the records and data whenever they need, wherever they are.
  • Cloud accounting is very cost effective and does not entail upgrading existing computer equipment or systems.
  • Software is continually improving and upgrading so as to keep up to date with changing needs.
  • The Government, through HM Revenue & Customs, are introducing new legislature, branded as “Making Tax Digital” (MTD), which will require all businesses, no matter how small, to maintain their records digitally using approved software, and to use such software to submit tax returns. Indeed, that is already the case for VAT and PAYE.

Mabers take cloud accounting to another level.

  • We discuss your business needs and advise on software best suited to meet those needs.
  • We may be able to arrange for software to be accessed at reduced cost.
  • We have experience with a wide range of software, but mostly use Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Where the business size is small, and the records few in number, we will design a business specific system.
  • Mabers will be given access to the software, and check regularly and correct any errors.
  • Mabers will ensure that VAT and Payroll are correctly dealt with and submitted at the right times.
  • Mabers will prepare monthly accounts showing the business position, and the profits earned. Those accounts will include provision for tax (income tax or corporation tax) accrued on those profits, so business owners/management can see the true position and identify what money is available after tax to take for themselves or to invest in assets or stock etc.
  • Cloud accounting gives you the tools to maintain and securely store and back up your records.
  • Mabers use those tools to deliver regular, timely, reports that puts you in control of your business, and enables you to make decisions based on accurate information and sound advice.

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03 Apr 2019

On the 5th March, the Government published their long awaited policy and consultation document on proposed reforms to the off-payroll working rules (known as IR35) for medium and large businesses working in the private sector to take effect from 6th April 2020.

This will affect hundreds of thousands of UK taxpayers who work on contracts for large companies (end clients), often enrolled through an agency, and who operate through their own personal service company (PSC).

Governments have long targeted these taxpayers and contracts as they perceive these to be paying less tax than their employed ...

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Salary Dividend Mix for 2019/20

21 Mar 2019

A popular profits extraction strategy for personal and family companies is to extract a small salary, taking further profits as dividends. Where this strategy is pursued for 2019/20, what level should the salary be set at to ensure the strategy remains tax efficient?


As well as being tax effective, taking a small salary is also advantageous in that it allows the individual to secure a qualifying year for State Pension and contributory benefits purposes.

Assuming the personal allowance has not been used elsewhere and is available to set against the salary, the optimal salary level for 20...

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We care about our customers.

As a chartered accountant for over 40 years, I have worked and known Tony for 20 of those. His specialism is understanding the taxation and accountancy issues of smaller companies, which includes providing regular and timely financial information. This puts him at the top of the pile for quality, efficiency and personal service, (rare nowadays) all crucial to such businesses.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tony, as I have on many occasions and will continue to, as I have total trust in his experience and ability to deliver.”

Steve Redhead FCA, MEWI, TAE.
Senior Partner R & M, Forensic Chartered Accountants

Tony Maber fully understands the accountancy requirements of the small consulting company. He has always been able to give a rapid personal response to any taxation matter. He has for many years provided a faultless service.

Steve Chown,
New Dawn Associates Ltd

Tony Maber has supported me in my new business venture, giving me crucial help and guidance every step of the way, always responds to any queries I’ve had effectively and efficiently, could not have asked for a better service.

Paul Greenacre

First class accountancy, Tony simplifies everything, is very efficient and has made my yearly tax returns a pleasure rather than a nightmare of online self-assessment. Highly recommended.

Rob Diamond

So glad we decided to use Mabers Accountancy Services. It’s a superb all-round service throughout the year and at year end. Efficient, friendly and helpful. Keeps our business running smoothly

Chris I.
Owner & Director of an IT Consultancy Company.

I have been using Mabers Accountancy Services for over 4 years and have always found them to be incredibly helpful, especially when answering my queries swiftly and informatively. I find their reports detailed, relevant, concise and easy to understand. I often recommend them as I value their reliability and high quality of service.

Ruth Hutchison
Owner & Director at RAH Consulting Ltd.

Mabers Accountancy Service offers a friendly, hands-on approach to business, providing prompt, reliable and efficient accountancy services, freeing me to concentrate on running my business without the stress I’ve experienced in the past dealing with larger accountancy firms.

Geoff Findlay,
DPDPWD Engineering Services Ltd

Tony stood out from other accountants I met as his core theme is proactive planning rather than reactive responses. This approach has enabled us to plan far more effectively and gain a better overall picture of the business to make much more informed key financial decisions.

James Garner


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