Bookkeeping & Maintenance of Accounting Records

We identify each client’s specific bookkeeping needs, and normally recommend the cloud-based accounting software that best meets those needs. We then provide on-going support, checking each month and reporting up-to-date information on the financial position and profitability after accounting for all taxes accrued, giving the client advice on how much they can take out of the business. Where businesses have a small amount of transactions going through the business, such as freelancers and contract workers, we can design a spreadsheet basis of reporting to us monthly, and we then maintain the business records, and provide the monthly reports regarding profits earned after tax and the amount available to withdraw from the business.

Business Start-ups

The pre-commencement planning stage and the early years of trading can be the most difficult and stressful times for any business owner. Mabers can help you steer your way through these crucial times by providing:
  • Advice on setting up in business
  • Guidance on whether to go limited or not
  • Help in identifying and sourcing finance requirements
We will then provide on-going support by providing monthly reports showing financial position and performance, enabling business owners to make key business decisions based on up- to-date information. So many new businesses face major cash flow difficulties (often fatal) in the second year of trading due to failing to identify and provide for the taxation liability on the first year’s profits. Mabers incorporate those tax liabilities each month as they accrue. This enables the business owners to identify and provide for the tax liabilities and ensure that they have the funds available for when the taxes fall due. This also provides a basis for possible tax planning.

Business Taxes

Mabers will ensure that all business tax compliance issues are dealt with correctly and that all deadlines are met thus preventing the imposition of penalties or interest. This includes corporation tax, income tax, VAT, PAYE & NIC. Our approach is a proactive one, rather than reactive, and we communicate regularly with our clients in order to provide:
  • Advice on the different business structures, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited companies, and which may be the best suited for your specific needs.
  • Monthly advice on the taxes accruing on current profits, informing the tax liability and the dates when it becomes due for payment.
  • Advice on how to minimise the tax liabilities.
  • Advice on the most tax efficient way to extract money from the business.

Company Secretarial Services

We will ensure that the correct documentation is lodged at Companies House so that the correct registered office and accounting reference date are properly recorded. We will also deal with any alterations to directors or shareholders making sure that the correct notification is sent to Companies House. We will also prepare the annual returns for the company within the prescribed time frame. Please note, however, that the fees quoted do not include any standard Companies House charges in relation to the submission of these documents.


We have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding around entrepreneurs and the challenges they face. At Mabers we can advise you on how to better manage your business finances, plan more effectively for your business, discover better ways of optimising your business cash flow and leave your tax affairs to us. For some companies and business owners, entrepreneurs relief may be available. This form of tax relief applies when you decide to sell off some or all of your business, saving on your capital gains tax. This can be an area of business ownership that can get complicated, due to the many variables which determine whether or not you are eligible.

Family Businesses

Growing and running a family business presents unique challenges and requires a considered business approach and a different way of thinking. A number of family businesses do not survive the transition to later generations which is why you need specialist advice and assistance. Many issues arise when running a family business. As decision-making processes tend to be more informal and unstructured. There may be succession dilemmas and shareholder disagreements, all of which can add to your day to day business problems. Mabers are here to help you meet these challenges and help you and your family to overcome the problems you may face.

Freelancers and IR35

We design an excel spreadsheet specific to your company on which you record your invoices issued (often prepared by the agency or end client), your bank lodgements and payments, and any private payments made on behalf of the company together with any mileage claims. These are designed for ease and speed of completion and you send these to us at the end of every month. We will then maintain your company's accounting records by recording all bank transactions; processing your expenses claims; match the invoices issued in respect of work done to subsequent payments received; and the preparation of your quarterly VAT returns if applicable. We also run the payroll, giving you the best salary dividend mix to optimise the money taken out of the company. Based upon the records maintained, we will provide each month, by e-mail, statements which will clearly show accumulated income; less accumulated expenses to give a pre-tax profit; a tax provision; leading to an accumulated net profit after tax; details of dividends taken leaving the figure for retained profits available to be taken as dividends. Our service includes the preparation of year end accounts and their submission to HMRC along with the corporation tax returns and Companies House. We will also prepare and submit your personal self-assessment tax returns. Where the contract is in the public sector, or within the private sector but is caught by IR35, we can still provide the same service, appropriately modified.


We can produce, on your behalf, an invoice from your company charging fees for work done based on a timesheet or any other appropriate documentation. We would then send this to you and/or to the agency or end client in line with your instructions. The documentation would be sent by e-mail unless otherwise specified.


Running a payroll has become much more complicated since the HMRC introduced the Real Time Information (RTI) regulations. Appropriate software is required, and attention to meeting the time deadlines for submitting the required documentation to HMRC each week/month is needed to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties. We will maintain the company payroll, ensuring RTI compliance, and supply you with payslips, notifying you of any monthly or quarterly payment to HMRC, and the preparation of the year end return, P60s, P14 and P11D if required.

Sub-Contractors working within the CIS

It has been our experience that for those working as sub-contractors within the CIS and receiving their pay after deduction of tax, the hardest thing is to keep records. So when they come to collate their records prior to prepare accounts and submit their self-assessment tax return, and perhaps claim a tax repayment, they have great difficulty in finding invoices for, say, loose tools or protective clothing, and even payslips. Many such workers are so put off by the task that they delay submitting returns and suffer severe penalties as a result – even though they have already paid too much tax already! Mabers solve this problem by putting in place a simple excel spreadsheet which the sub-contractor can complete and send in each month. This is simple, easy and quick to complete and comprises details of money earned and tax deducted, any business expenses, and details of business mileage. Thus the sub-contractor spends probably less than an hour each month, and Mabers then maintain his records for him, and the year end accounts and tax return are ready for submission very soon after the end of the tax year with no hardship on the sub-contractor. Mabers agree the fee for this with the client at the beginning of the year, and only collect payment once the repayment has been received from HMRC. Our fees are not calculated as a percentage of any repayment. We are not paid on a commission basis!


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